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Citizens will be able to warn the Finance Ministry about demanded bribes or irregularities in the customs or taxation administration. They can call phone number 080018018 round-the-clock. The telephone is pay-free and can be dialed without an access code from all over the country and from all tone phones, including the street card phones, but not the mobile devices. The citizens have seven minutes at their disposal to describe the violation they have encountered. In the end of the call they'll hear the number, under which their problem has been entered in the system's database. Three days after the warning they may get information from the same telephone number about the progress of the check regarding their case. This is one of the planned measures for fighting corruption, the Finance Minister Milen Velchev explained when presenting the new service. According to the Finance Ministy's Chief Secretary Tencho Popov, the project has been developed by the state-run company Information Services and cost BGN10,000.However, no anonymous information will be accepted. This might deter the citizens from alarming about violations on the part of taxation or customs authorities. The system requires personal data (including name, surname and family name, exact address, and telephone number for contact) from the one who's calling prior telling about the problem.
According to Mr. Velchev, only two employees from the Finance Ministry's Inspectorate (who are directly subordinated to him) will have access to the collected information. That reduces the possibility for misuse, but by no means eliminates it. Even the slightest probability of leakage of personal information about the one who has warned about irregularities or violations would dissuade the citizens from making a call.

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