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The Ministry of Finance will be seeking possibilities to help Bulgarian teams taking part in international contests, it became known after the Finance Minister Milen Velchev met with our maths team, which won first place at the International Olympiad in mathematics in Tokyo, Japan. Mr. Velchev pointed out he was strongly impressed by the achievement of the young Bulgarian mathematicians. The team's leader Sava Grozev acquainted the Finance Minister with the problems which the teams face when they want to take part in these prestigious contests. It's hard to ensure money for the travelling expenses, the boy explained. USD1,000/person were necessary this year. Mr. Velchev promised to seek a way for subsidizing a non-government organisation, such as the Union of Mathematicians, where all students who participate in such events are trained and which organizes their participation in international contests. The Finance Minister set to the maths team a problem from the field of Deputy Finance Minister Krassimir Katev, regarding the management of investments. The task was to establish the duration of bonds (a linear equation of the change of price when the yield changes). It sounds complicated, but a lot of problems that sound that way, turn out simple, said Roumen Zarev, one of the mathematicians. The team undertook the challenge and promised to solve the maths problem on the very same day.

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