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Immediately before Christmas the Supervisory Board of Biochim decided to make changes in the bank's Management Board. Harold Edlinger-Zecher was relieved from Biochim's managerial team and replaced by Peter Harold. The latter will assume his duties as of January 5, 2004, the first working day of the New Year. Mr. Harold will be responsible for the bank's international markets, its liquidity, and the multinationals which are its clients. Peter Harold comes from Croatia's Splitska Banka where he was a member of the Management Board (the bank, as Biochim, is owned by Bank Austria). Harold Edlinger-Zecher has been appointed to Bank Austria's head office in Vienna, where he wil be responsible for the credit institution's foreign clients. The new member of Biochim's managerial team Peter Harold completed his university studies in Vienna. In 1984 he got a master's degree, and four years later - a doctor's degree from the University of Economics and Business Administration in the Austrian capital. Mr. Harold's entire career so far was in Bank Austria and its subsidiaries. From 1988 till 1989 he was assistant to the Liquidity Director of Creditanstalt, which merged into Bank Austria two years later. In 1990 Peter Harold assumed a position in the department for operations on international markets, and in 1992 was appointed CEO of Bank Austria in Slovakia. A year later he returned to the credit institution's head office in Vienna where he worked till May 2002, being promoted to a managing director and head of the unit, responsible for the business studies in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. In May 2002 Peter Harold was appointed to the Management Board of Splitska Banka, which was purchased by Bank Austria a month earlier. A year and seven months later he was relieved of that post in order to assume duties as member of Biochim's Management Board.

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