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A special agency will be conducting the state policy in the sphere of public procurement. It will control all the information connected with the tenders for which taxpayers's money is spent. The establsihment of such an institution is one of the recommendations, which the European Commission has been addressing to Bulgaria for a long time. But its only now that the Government found time to approve a draft for amending the respective legislative act, concerning this matter. If the proposed amendments are passed by Parliament, the amounts of money, requiring a tender in compliance with the Public Procurement Act, will be raised. The increase will be about 3-fold and the tendency is that the threshholds should be gradually made uniform with those in the unified EU market. In the period prior Bulgaria's accession to the EU in 2007 the small and medium-sized companies, registered in this country, will enjoy preferential treatment when applying for fulfilment of public procurement. The Ecomomic Ministry's draft projects that in 2004 the local companies' offers will be raised by a bonus, amounting to 15% of the value of the respective public procurement. In the following two years, however, the bonus will be reduecd to 10% and 5% repsectively.

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