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The construction of the Lyulin motorway, which is a part of Paneuropean Transport Corridor No IV, came to a halt due to legal lawsuits dragging on for four years now. Some hope for resuming works appeared in recent months after the court had finally rejected the appeals of ecological organisations and indignant citizens of housing quarters through which the motorway should pass. As it became clear at the press conference on October 27, they are ready to initiate a case outside Bulgaria if the Minister of Environment and Waters Dolores Arsenova approves the final design for the track, proposed by the Supreme Ecology Council. If that happens the project will probably go into history. The European Union (EU) will hardly wait for several decades until Bulgaria solves its internal arguments. The 19-km long route will cost EUR148.4MN, of which EUR111.3MN should come from the EU's ISPA programme, and the balance is to be provided by the budget. The motorway will be so expensive due to the multiple ecological requirements to be fulfilled. One kilometer of it will cost EUR7.8MN, or three times as much as 1 km of the Hemus and Trakiya highways.

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