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Nestle Sofia AD won the big prize for advertising at the 13th contest Ads Expo. We are encouraging the company because it spends its budget for advertisements, worth about EUR5MN a year, mainly through Bulgarian suppliers and because it gives freedom and provides opportunities for the development and realization of ideas both on the domestic and the international market, said Georgi Lipovanski from the Foreign Arts Gallery, who chaired the competition's jury. It also included representatives of the ads forum organizers, of the Bulgarian Association of Photographers, of the Association of Advertising Agencies, and of the Sofia University. For the first time in the history of the contest the prize goes to an advertiser, the organizers pointed out. Till 2002 it has been awarded to advertising agencies. The Bulgarian National Television was last year's winner. 131 firms participated in Ads Expro 2003, 25 of which enlisted for the first time. Nestle Sofia was also distinguished in the contest for promotion of sales. In that division the first prize went to the agency which made the pavilions and shelves of the chocolate products manufacturer. The International Plovdiv Fair won the main prize - for its PR campaign representing the 110 anniversary of the exhibition. In the contest for visual ads the products of Shenker - Bulgaria were prized. In the sector of financial institutions EUROBANK got a prize in the category of print ads. The company that worked out the bank's annual report was granted an encouraging award. The first prize in the category of print ads went to the catalogue of the exhibition Calenadria 2004.

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