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Angel Despotov, dipl. engineer, will take the heavy task to care for encouraging of the small and medium-sized business. At the last meeting of the Council of Ministers for 2002 Mr. Despotov was appointed Chairman of the Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises. Early in the 90-ies of the 20th century Mr. Despotov was manager and partner of Technica Holding Ltd. The Government press-service informed that he also had experience as manager of the Bulgarian offices of several foreign hi-tech companies. The list of those companies includes Santex, Hewlette-Packard, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, etc.Angel Despotov overtook the position from Iglika Stancheva, who occupied it for a little more than one year. Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy Nikolay Vassilev refused to comment the reasons for Ms. Stancheva's departure. Unofficial sources reveal that Mr. Vassilev has not been satisfied with her work.Iglika Stancheva, also known as the official interpreter of Gad Zeevi, the former owner of the liquidated Balkan Airlines, was appointed Head of the Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in November, 2001. Her name was also connected with the scandals around the inconformity between the Bulgarian and the English versions of the sales contract for the already unexisting national air-carrier. Ms. Stancheva also had some experience at the Ministry of Finance where she worked as Secretary of Svetoslav Gavriysky at the time of Stefan Sofiansky's cabinet in 1997. Later she was personal interpreter of Muravey Radev, minister of finance in Ivan Kostov's government. For a short time she also worked as lawyer at the Deals Department of the Privatisation Agency, when it was chaired by Zahari Zheliazkov.Iglika Stancheva's dismissal is the second high-ranking shift, carried out at the Ministry of Economy for the last half a year. Just before Christmas the Foreign Investment Agency also received new chief executive. Nikolay Marinov was replaced with the younger Pavel Ezekiev.The encouragement of foreign investments and the development of the small and medium-sized business were the main accents in the new economic policy of the Cabinet which was announced by Nikolay Vassilev in October, 2002. For the time being only top heads are falling.

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