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From January till the beginning of August the Employment Agency sent almost 2,000 Bulgarians to work abroad under various international agreements, signed in the 1992-2004 period. The greatest number of workers - 1,231 - went to Germany, including 143 university students who were employed there during their summer holidays. Spain rates second, with 681 Bulgarians sent there by August. The agency has approved another 203 candidates who are to sign labour agreements with Spanish employers. Twenty two Bulgarian apprentices left for Switzerland, and 140 nurses are waiting to get the so much desired employment in Italy. As the BANKER weekly has already written, the Employment Agency headed by Sotir Oushev, has not received a single penny from abroad for its mediation in choosing the workers. Thus, the agency has spent some BGN400,000 of its budget since the beginning of 2004 and has favoured foreign entrepreneurs, Srebrin Iliev, Secretary of the Agency said.

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