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Ecobulpack is launching an explanative campaign round the country about separate gathering of wastes from packs, the company's Chairman Georgi Chernev announced on Tuesday (September 7). He explained that each municipality that has closed a contract with Ecobulpack will receive by the year-end a schedule with fixed deadlines for stage-by-stage introduction of separate gathering of garbage in households and public premises. Leaflets will be circulated and experts will explain in local mass media the benefits from recycling wastes. Courses on the matter will be organized next year in firms, kindergartens and schools all over the country. About 150 companies have already shown interest and some have already closed contracts. More than 2,500,000 Bulgarians will be separately gathering their wastes from packs by 2008, Mr. Chernev forecasts. Almost 12,000 tons of garbage will be collected separately and recycled by end-2004. The amount will exceed 60,000 tons by the end of 2008, Ecobulpack predicts.Ecobulpack is the second organisation after Ecopack Bulgaria, which was granted a licence for collective utilization of scraps. The company was set up on June 2 by 34 big Bulgarian firms from various branches, such as the cosmetics and perfumeries industry, chemical industry, foods and drinks industry, etc.The company was opened officially on September 7 by the Minister of Environment and Waters Dolores Arsenova, who explained that by the end of this month Bulgaria will have to negotiate with the European Commission new, higher quantities of separately collected wastes. Presently, that is the practice in just a few municipalities along the Black Sea coast and in Karlovo. Kyustendil and Dobrich are expected to follow suit soon.

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