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After Premier Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha made replacements in the Cabinet on July 18, a change of the deputy ministers followed. MRF's representative Dimiter Hadjinikolov (responsible for leisure industry) was the only one of Nikolay Vassilev's people who remained in the Ministry of Economy. Mr. Vassilev took with himslef to his new post as Transport Minister only his deputies Sofia Kassidova and Nikola Yankov. Milen Keremedchiev and Kaloyan Ninov left with a grim smile. According to pundits, the Vice Premier wanted to take along his entire team, but the PM flatly opposed to Mr. Keremedchiev's new appointment, although he has the necessary education and experience in the transport branch. Mr. Keremedchiev is a former financial director of the express service TNT. In front of the BANKER weekly he said he has four invitations for work. One of them is to return to TNT, and the other two come from abroad - Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). One of the companies is connecetd with ship-building, and the other - with industry, the ex-deputy minister of economy explained. The fourth proposal is from the State administration, he specified but did not mention the name of the institution. All I can say is that it is not the Ministry of Economy or the Transport Ministry, Mr. Keremedchiev added. Asked by the BANKER if he hasn't been offered a position in the Council of Ministers, he replied: In the beginning of next week at the latest I'll decide which proposal I'll accept and I'll let you know. Before that, however, I have to meet with the Premier.The other former deputy of Nikolay Vassilev - Kaloyan Ninov - could not be found for comments, but as the BANKER weekly has already written, he had two proposals: to remain deputy minister of economy or to become vice transport minister. He did not accept either of them. According to pundits, the most enticing offer was from a bank.Things are more vague regarding the deputies of the former transport minister Plamen Petrov. Only Milcho Milanov, who was responsible for the aviation in the ministry and who had been in the branch for many years, quickly got employed again. He returned to the private sector as a Director of the Bulgarian Aviation Forum initially, and after his summer holidays will go back to the company MTT Internatinal, where he was employed before he became deputy minister. The whereabouts of his colleague Lyubomil Ivanov, who was responsible for the road and rail transport, are unknown. He was not answering his mobile telephone, and even his friends said they had not heard from him since he left the minsitry. The other two deputies of Nikolay Vassilev could not be traced either. According to well informed sources, Marin Atov intends to get a job in a bank. The whereabouts of Zlatolina Moukova, said to be one of Vladimir Karolev's people, are also unknown. Information spread during the week that the Executive Director of Bulgaria Air Philip Alexiev intends to leave his post. According to pundits, he might follow Ms. Moukova, who apponted him head of the company when she was deputy transport minister. People from the branch are adamant that Mr. Alexiev is not the proper man for that post, and having in mind the future privatisation of Bulgaria Air and the high requirements for safety which the air carrier should implement, an experts for the position is to be found. Milen Keremedchiev's name was mentioned during the week as his eventual successor, but he flatly denied in front of the BANKER to had been offered the position of the airline's CEO.

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