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On Thursday (March 28) the Council of Ministers approved two ordinances, regulating the opportunity of privileged clients to buy electricity and natural gas directly from the producers. The main requirements are that they should consume annually more than 100 gigawatt-hours of electricity or more than 80,000,000 cu m of natural gas, and to pay their bills in due time. Who and on what terms could be a privileged consumer will be decided by the energy regulator.The Privatisation Agency (PA) announced that on April 5 the winner in the tender for the divestment of the seven local electricity distribution companies would be known. The interest in the tender is great and applications for partcipation have already been filed by 20 leading companies, PA's Executive Director specified.The consultanmt should work out a methodology for the divestment and propose a project for the tender dossiers and ways for holding the tender.The State Commission for Energy Regulation collected offers from the candidates for consultants of the Government on the restructuring domestic gas market. It is projected that eight gas distribution regions should be formed on the country's territory, and for each of them an individual company would be licensed. It will be transiting natural gas under low pressure and will deliver it to end clients, which would practically give it a monopoly positition.In addition to presentimg a financial and economic concept for the restructuring, the consultamt should also set the requirements to the candidates and the way in which they will be chosen. BGN200,000 will be allocated from the World Bank for the consultant's remuneration. The World Bank also recommends to the Government five foreign consulting companies with relevant experience.

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