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The news: EUR7MN will be allocated to Bulgaria under the European Union's PHARE Programme for projects in the sphere of cultural tourism. Prior announcing this officially (which will be done in the autumn) an extended meeting of various institutions' representatives and experts from the National Assembly was held in Varna. The aim was to trace out the direction, to be followed by the projects that compete for subsidies. Varna was chosen to host the meting for obvious reasons and foremost - the city's great experience in the sphere of cultural tourism. One of the two main directions has already been outlined: the cultural heritage of all historical epochs.Meanwhile, we have the pleasure to tell about a wonderful archeological find, which is both directly and indirectly connected with cultural tourism. A joint Bulgarian-French team is finishing the first stage of its work on their discovery in Knan Krum street downtown Varna - an early Christian basilica, dating back to the 4-5th century, supposed to be the episcopal basilica of the ancient Odessos. A part of the find was discovered for the first time three decades ago, when unusually beautiful mosaics near the altar appeared. The archeologists from Varna are working together with the director of the museum in the French town of Lat Christian Land and with the restorers from Toulous Jean-Lui Lafon and Amede Farb. The contract for cooperation is for a long-term one. In front of the BANKER weekly Mr. Lafon specified that the interest of French archeologies and restorers could be explained by the fact that they're in fact discovering a part of the European Christian culture, which does not belong to one nation only. The French team stayed in Varna a couple of weeks and their main task was to lay the mosaics on a portable facility. The Archeological Museum of Varna will be responisble for their preservation and initial exhibiting. The joint work will continue next year. Both the Bulgarian and the French archeologists are unanimous in their forecast that their future cooperation will result in other interesting finds, which will supplement the documentation and the picture of the early Christian style of living in the ancient Odessos. Jean-Lui Lafon and Amede Farb have used the most state-of-the-art technologeies, available at present, which have proven their trustworthiness and efficiency in practice.

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