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The shareholders of MobilTel Holding GmbH have decided to initiate a process to consider strategic alternatives for MobilTel EAD, a fully owned subsidiary of MobilTel Holding GmbH. Such process might lead to the divestiture of a part of MobilTel Holding's ownership stake in MobilTel EAD. For this purpose the shareholders of MobilTel Holding GmbH have hired Citigroup as advisers.Petrol AD will invest BGN5MN in the development of the most state-of-the-art laboratory for fuels' quality control on the Balkans. The equipment has been produced by Hewlett-Packard, Perkin Elmer, Varian and Vokesha. Representatives of the Italian armoury Beretta were on a visit in Bulgaria to research the opportunities for joint production of arms with some of the Bulgarian plants. The Italians visited Arkus - Liaskovetz, Arsenal - Kazanlak and Optikoelectron Ltd - Panagurishte. Devnya Cement bought at a tender a 24.95-percent stake in the Dimitrovgrad-based company Vulkan. The initial bidding price was BGN1.7MN. Vulkan is specialised in the production of cement, limestone and clay.Incoms Telecom Holding purchased at an open-bidding tender 43.51% of the capital of the Pernik-located company Incoms - Electricity Producers. The deal was signed at the initial bidding price of BGN360,000.The plant for friction lining products in Pernik will be sold at a tender, scheduled for May 23, organized by the Pernik regional department of the State Receivables Collection Agency.The Greek manufacturer of wooden products Akritas will establish an affiliate company named Emos Ltd in the Bulgarian town of Kurdzhali. The Svishtov-based cellulose producing company Sviloza plans to invest EUR50MN by 2007 in order to meet the European requirements for preservation of the environment. The ecology programme will be launched in 2004.The Canadian company Dundy Precious Acquisitions will invest USD45MN in the development of the gold field Ada Tepe near Krumovgrad.The Bulgarian-Israeli company Spirotex will invest EUR33MN in the construction of a plant for pure spirit in Stara Zagora. The enterprise is to start operations in a year and will produce about 75 million tons of spirit annually.

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