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While Sofia is all in a muck, the refuse fee and the money paid to companies that hold concessions for cleaning the city are going up. If BGN10MN was spent on cleaning the Bulgarian capital in 1997, the amount is now eight times higher - BGN87MN.People must no longer be racketeered through the waste fee, the municipal councillor from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) Bozhidar Dimitrov appealed on November 28. His party is planning to inform the prosecutors that despite the official existence of three cleaning companies there is practically one concessionaire in the city. Dimitrov's party fellows insist that the current agreements with concessionaires be terminated no later than next July. A new methodology for calculation of the waste fee should be adopted, they say. They also recommend that the Sofia mayor Stefan Sofiyanski appoint a working group to create regulations of the cleaning activities and the optimum price making by next April.The money paid to cleaning companies may be reduced twice, the Chairman of the Sofia Municipal Council and member of BSP, Micho Raykovski, said. In his opinion, the amount spent on cleaning will drop by BGN18MN if concessionaires are paid per each container transported instead of per duty.On November 25, the Sofia Municipal Council agreed with renegotiating the concessions with the three companies Wolf, Ditz, and Chistota. A major point in the agreement was the reduction of the price paid for refuse transportation, refuse cleaning, and snow cleaning. However, the voted concession remains among the most disgraceful things the mayor has done, according to Bozhidar Dimitrov.

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