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Cisco Systems, the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet, will assist the Bulgarian government for making a headway in the development of e-business, representatives of the company's Bulgarian office announced at a press conference on November 13. They expressed confidence that Cisco Systems will be able to use its knowledge and experience in implementing the strategy of the Bulgarian Government through free consultations. Cisco Systems will work with the Bulgarian Government for defining a schedule and a model for e-government over a period of several months. The announcement comes after the company and the Government signed a memorandum for assistance in the introduction of e-government. Later on - between 2003-2004 - Cisco Systems will continue to act as a trusted adviser for the development of e-business. The Bulgarian Government can govern efficiently through modern technologies and meet the real needs of the people and business, Reza Mahdavi, Vice President for Cisco Eastern and Central Europe, Near East, Middle East and Africa (EEMEA) said. He underlined that this is not a one-day event. This is a big journey and Cisco is committed to walk the journey with you, he said.

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