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In less than a month after he became Energy Minister Miroslav Sevlievsky made a second change in a BoD of a state-run energy company. On Tuesday (March 15) the number of members in the board of the National Electricity Company (NEC) was increased from four to five. The new member in its team is Rossitsa Lisichkova, who joins Angel Minev, Vladimir Hristov, Vassil Anastassov and Mityu Hristozov. Ms. Lisichkova is one of the founders of the Novoto Vreme party and a member of its executive bureau. She graduated in Economics and Management of Industry from the University for National and World Economy. Till 2004 she was chairwoman of the BoD of West-East Bank and before that, in the 1998-2002 period was in the board of EIBANK.I don't see a reasonable cause for a good, young financier not to enter NEC's management. I don't doubt she will cope with the tasks, Energy Minister Sevlievsky commented on Ms. Lisichkova's appointment to NEC's BoD.Only two weeks earlier, on March 2, Mr. Sevlievsky made replacements in the managerial team of Bobov Dol thermoelectric power plant. Atanas Vakafchiev is the new Executive Director and the BoD was increased from five to six members. The new appointment was that of Mirela Anastassova, who chaired the board. Until now she headed a directorate at the Energy Ministry.Mr. Sevlievsky assured he did not intend to make new castlings in the management of state-run energy companies. But within the branch there are rumours that replacements will be made in the managerial team of Bulgargas EAD as well.

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