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The only peoplemetric system measuring the television audience in Bulgaria, TV Plan - TNS, updated its methodology, the BANKER weekly noticed. For the first time last week the information about the interest in the various TV channels included a note that 61% of the population of the country watches cable TV and does not use an aerial. Until recently, TV Plan - TNS has made its cross section suggesting that 46% of the population watches cable and satellite programs. The increase results from a research that the agency made last summer.The new figures are expected to rearrange the ranking of the mostly watched media in Bulgaria. Changes are possible for the television channels that are entirely transmitted by cable and satellite. Even the first weekly cross section (for the period 11-17 October) showed that there was an increase in the average daily viewing rate (the so called cover) of all TV channels. The biggest increase, 10.5%, was registered in the sector Other TV Channels, followed by a 5% increase of the viewing rate of Nova Television. Nova's share will probably grow further as soon as the agency processes the figures registered later than October 18 when the Big Brother show started. The cover of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) grew by 2.2% and that of bTV - by 2.5 per cent.The increased national cable coverage reported by TV Plan - TNS may be considered a partial victory of the owners of cable TV channels and mostly of Nova Television, which despite its national licence is not yet transmitted airily in all regions of the country. For more than a year the management of the television has been requesting an international auditing of the values measured by the peoplemetric agency. Last winter, supported by the BNT former director Kiril Gotsev, the managers of Nova Television founded a consumer committee that would work for the establishment of a second peoplemeter.

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