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Whenever talk began about business in the past, MPs modestly bowed their heads and explained they did not run one. Of course, it could be true, but their wives, children, bothers and sisters, close or not so close relatives ran businesses of their own. As of 2001 however, the attitude towards that issue is quite different. The deputies even boast they have a private business, which according to them shows they are not aiming at getting rich when in power. A check of the BANKER weekly founds our that more than half of the candidates for the 40th National Assembly run their own business. Practically, businesses are represented in policy through the various parties, but some of their representatives decided to set up organisations and participate in the elections. Others, as is the case in Varna, just united strength and finances. The Long Live Bulgaria National Coalition in the seaside city placed the pharmaceutical boss Vesselin Marshki at No 1 position on its ticket. Within five or six years he passed through several predominantly blue parties until he established a party of his own. Apart from him, the coalition of Vesselin Danov who is among the well-known business persons in Varna, was joined by Bulgaria Union of Plamen Deninski - a party of businessmen which won some thirty votes during the former elections. Free Business Federation, represented by Yordan Nakev, Emil Hursev and Stefan Nenov - all of them well-known businessmen - also participates in the coalition. In the left-wing coalition the business is stately represented by Dimiter Goushterov - No 1 on the ticket in Silistra. Almost half of the leading positions on the red tickets are BoD heads or members of foundations and associations. No 4 in Blagoevgrad is the Director of Sgradostroitel AD Todor Radoulov. Dimiter Gundev - third on the ticket in Vratsa - is a local BSP leader and has a trade agency. He is also Manager of the local Trolley-bus Transport company. The BoD head of the Kozlodoui N-plant, Ivan Grizanov, is also a candidate for a deputy from the leftists' ticket. The ticket in Dobrich includes the Manager of Albena Style AD, Eftim Kostadinov, who also has security firms, wholesale companies, and runs one of the local foundations. BSP's leader in Kurdkali, Milko Bagdasarov, manages Arda Volleyball Club and a youth association. The Mayor of Peshtera who is second on the ticket in Pazardjuk, Georgi Peterneichev, owns two freight companies and is a co-owner in another two. His colleague and BSP leader in Pernik, Nenko Temelkov, is the Manager pf Komunalstroy Football Cluc and also has a firm of his own. Vassil Antonov, a candidate of the leftists from Pleven, is also an owner of restaurants and firms. In Plovdiv, the Coalition for Bulgaria chose the local BSP leader Zahari Georgiev to head the ticket of candidate MPs. He manages the 21st Century Plovdiv foundation, he is a BoD member of one or two companies, and has a newspaper printing firm. Third on the ticket is another businessman, Todor Petkov, who runs several building companies and participates as a co-owner in five more. Atanas Ustabashev, third on the red ticket in Smolyan, is in the construction business, too. He runs a security firm in the same town as well. Evgeniya Zhivkova, second on the ticket in Sofia, is a well-known fashion designer. No 3 on the ticket in Yambol, Peter Kunev, is co-owner of Info radio, heads the Demax printing house, and participates in about a ten more firms. Many of the names of candidate deputies from MRF are businessmen, too. For some of them, however, the BANKER did not find information in the DAXY system of database. However, the entire country knows the story of the notorious mayor of Velingrad Fidel Beev, who has been nominated for a deputy in Pazardjik. Apart from being manager of Chepinets-Beev Sports Club and of a Football Club with the same name, Mr. Beev is the owner of a cable television and of firms for trade with fuels, metal and chemical products.

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