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Business representatives in Bulgaria share the stance that administrative barriers to its operation increased in 2004 and it is high time the State creates equal terms for economic agents. Such were the conclusions from the Business Barometer 2004 poll, carried out by the Institute for Economic Analyses, Expertise and Forecasts with the University for National and World Economy (UNWE) and Business Media Group. Six hundred executives took part in the annual poll which is the third consecutive one. About 16% of them are of the opinion that in 2004 they had a stronger economic presence and expanded their market share. According to 2.5% of company managers, enterprises' competitiveness went up, and 47.7% believe unfair competition between various economic subjects still exists on the market. The analysis also shows that business has remained neutral regarding taxation changes, while its assessment of the insurance system has improved. Almost a quarter of the managers stamp the quality of labour force in Bulgaria as good. Firms' access to credits is also estimated positively. It can be already claimed there are normal and reasonable relations between the real and financial sector in Bulgaria, economists from UNWE point out.Almost 60% of the companies make expenses for advertising, Business Barometer 2004 shows. Forty four per cent of the managers set aside money for legal, and 43.1% - for financial consultations. About 30% invest in training and selection of personnel, 30% - in certification and quality control systems, 16.6% - in marketing research, and 13.1% - in consultations on European programmes and funds. The messages of business representatives are directed mostly to the central government in the country. Managers insist on quick reforms in the local and state administration and in the legislative system, on clear rules and regulations on the part of the State.

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