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For a consecutive year Bulstrad won the tender for an insurer of BNB's 60 vehicles. According to a central bank representative, four insurance companies took part in it. The winner became known on December 27. Experts acquainted with the offers say that by its low rates the company did not leave a chance to its rivals. Long-time employees of BNB claim that Bulstrad has been keeping the central bank as its client, insuring its vehicles for the Civil Liability and against Theft at 5% of their evaluation as per the specialized Schwake catalogue. Moreover, BNB's employees enjoy a bonus, e.g. they may insure their personal cars in Bulstrad at promotional prices - 5.8% of their value. Some people say that the insurer insists on having BNB as a client not so much for the profit, but for the image. It is said that Bulstrad's premium from the deal with the central bank does not exceed BGN100,000. The company knows there is not much risk for a BNB vehicle to be stolen, but if any of its expensive Mercedes or Audi cars is stolen, the compensation to be paid by Bulstrad will eat up its entire premium from the deal with the central bank. Such a danger is not at all hypothetical as in the middle of last year one of BNB's Mercedes 190s was stolen. Luckily for Bulstrad, however, several days after that the car was found abandoned near a country road and only the radio cassette-recorder was missing. Thus, the insurer got off with paying for small damages only. But the question is if next time the thieves will be so friendly.

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