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Bulstrad insurance and reinsurance company keeps offering two levels of Civil Liability insurance of motor vehicles in 2003 - compulsory and voluntary. The insurer's responsibility is limited to up to BGN150,000 for property damages and up to BGN250,000 for non-property damages provoked by an insurance event. Customers can insure themselves in the offices of Bulstrad and by his agents, as well as in oil-stations of Petrol and Lukoil and in the EUROBANK branches across the country. A hundred thousand customers who have bought policies from Bulstrad offices and from its agents will receive a Prima package offered by M-Tel as a bonus. The package contains a free conversations voucher worth BGN10, but if a customer recharges his card by June 30, 2004 he will get another BGN5 voucher free of charge.Insurance policies contracted in the offices of EUROBANK and in oil-stations provide free fuel vouchers: worth BGN10 for cars and BGN15 for trucks.Depending on where the policy has been contracted, Bulstrad's regional network provides various other discounts to its customers - mainly preference prices for technical examinations and preference prices for acquisition of spare parts even without travelling to another town. The Bulstrad company has about 115 structures and a lot of agents who sell its insurance policies. Among them there are over 430 oil-stations of Petrol, 40 of Lukoil, as well as all branch offices of EUROBANK. The company's strategy is to bring sales as closest to the customers as possible.The Civil Liability insurance of motor vehicles sold by Bulstrad has been attracting customers for years. The company ranks first in terms of premium income from this type of insurance in 2003. Bulstrad has issued some 450,000 policies and its managers want to increase the sales opportunities in order to help the customers avoid waiting on long queues.

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