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The history of Bulgarian orders for more than a century can be traced back at the exhibition by the State Mint and the National Military History Museum. It was organized as part of the celebrations for the 125th anniversary of modern Bulgarian statehood, starting in 1879. The exhibition shows also unrealized order designs. A very elegant exposition in a premise of the Ethnographic Museum showcases exhibits, photos, diplomas, decrees and other historical matter about the development of the Bulgarian system of orders over the last 100-120 years. The opening was attended by Vice-President Angel Marin, Princess Maria Luisa (sister of Bulgaria's PM Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha), Chief of Army Staff Gen. Nikola Kolev, MPs, bankers, businessmen, and journalists. The exposition will be opened to visitors till October 31, 2004. For obvious reasons the new orders and medals, chosen on May 11 by a special jury chaired by Prof. Georgi Chapkunov, were not shown. They are still in plaster casts and will be produced by the Mint within the year-end. The new insignia of honour under the law passed by the National Assembly in 2003 will be awarded as of the beginning of 2005. About 70 teams took part in the competition (successfully held this year, unlike in 2003), and the jury picked out the team of Ivan Todorov, Todor Vardjiev and Hristo Haralampiev for their designs for the Balkan Range, Sts. Cyril and Methodius, For Civil Merits, and For Bravery orders, and their For Merit medal project. Peter Stoikov is the winner in the contest for the Madara Horseman order. The Ministry of Culture has earmarked and released BGN62,000 for the new state insignia of honour.

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