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The Association of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Producers has been accepted a full-fledged member of the European Generic Medicines Association. Thus, the output of our companies will be acknowledged as satisfying the quality standards of the European market. This was announced on October 29 by Ognyan Donev, Executive Director of Sopharma AD and member of the Association of Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Producers.According to Greg Peri, head of the European Generic Medicines Association, this membership is a proof that Bulgarian companies in the pharmaceutical branch satisfy all GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements. Bulgarian pharmaceutical firms have all prerequisites for becoming real competitors to the leading companies in the production of generic medicines, Mr. Peri pointed out. Pundits explained that generic medicines manufacturers do not invest money in inventing the formulas of active substances, but use already existing ones after the term of their patent protection expires. Every years the EU countries save EUR12BN by using generic medicines, Mr. Peri said. In Denmark, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany they represent 50% of the prescribed pay-free medicines (paid entirely or partially by health insurance funds), he explained. According to him, the health care system in Bulgaria would collapse if doctors do not prescribe mainly generic medicines. The National Health Care Insurance Fund undertakes the payment of this type of medicines for 120 ailments.

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