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More than 200 media - members of the Union of Publishers in Bulgaria, the Association of Regional Media, and the Association of Private Radio and TV Stations, ratified the Ethic Code of the Bulgarian media. The document was officially signed in the Sofia Sheraton Hotel on November 25. Representatives of two journalistic organisations, the Union of Bulgarian Journalists and the Bulgarian Media Coalition, signed it, too.Bulgaria's President Georgi Parvanov, Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Chairman of the National Assembly Ognyan Gerdzhikov, and lots of politicians came to the ceremony. The code was prepared by a consortium led by representatives of the BBC with the partnership of organisations from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany and Ireland and in collaboration with the International Journalists Federation based in Brussels. The financing is provided by the European Union.An ethic commission will be established in order to watch if the media which signed the code observe it. It will probably include an equal number of representatives from the publishers and journalists groups.

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