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Fashion designers in Bulgaria will not escape from the requirements imposed by the European Union on the country. If fashion houses do not possess certificates for their activities, they will not be allowed to sell on the European market after the country joins the community, the Chairwoman of the newly-established National Chamber of Fashion, Nadya Vuleva, explained to the BANKER weekly.The institution was created on August 19 and was presented officially on September 22. More than 200 guests attended the ceremony in the residence of Lozenets where seven fashion houses demonstrated their autumn collections.Supporting fashion in Bulgaria and promoting it abroad are only part of the ambitious goals in front of the 22 members of the chamber. Among them are leading designers, owners of fashion houses and galleries, dealers, stylists, choreographers, directors, photographers. They are planning to organize national fashion events as well as professional days during which designers from all over the world will come to exchange their experience. One of our objectives will be to protect the copy rights of the designers, Mrs. Vuleva said. She also explained that when Bulgaria joins the EU, fashion houses will have to meet a number of requirements concerning the ecological manufacture of the clothes, the working conditions, etc. Currently, many of them do not meet these criteria and do not even have certificates.A lot of foreign fashion institutions including several from Colombia, USA, and Italy, have already offered joint initiatives to the Bulgarian chamber.

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