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Five hundred Bulgarian managers will be running their firms as per Japanese style by the year 2007, Deputy Minister of Economy Evgeniya Koldanova announced on Monday (September 13). She opened a centre for training managerial skills at the Institute for Post-graduate Qualification with the University for National and World Economy (UNWE). The centre is one of the projects on which the ministry works in cooperation with Japan. The protocol for its establishment was signed on February 11 by representatives of the Ministry of Economy, the UNWE, and the Japanese university Ritsumaken Asia Pacific. The training courses will be lead by Bulgarian and Japanese lecturers who will use simulation and game-like methods of teaching. Our main objective is to train the executives to apply their managerial skills in practice, the experts for the project Antoaneta Vassileva told the BANKER weekly. She underlined that Japanese companies appreciate very much the ability to work in a team and that decisions there are usually made collectively. The first training course in the centre will begin in end-October and will be called Global Management and Leadership. It will be five months long and will cost BGN1,000. After finishing it the businessmen will get certificates allowing them to apply for employment in Japan. Eight of the best students will continue their studies in Japan. More than 40 company owners have already expressed willingness to enroll in the course, Ms. Koldanova said.

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