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The Union for Economic Enterprise in Sofia, together with the National Chamber of Craftsmen and Entrepreneurs and the Prometeo Export consortium in Trento, Italy, signed an agreement for cooperation on July 9. Thus, the three parties expressed their willingness to work for the implementation of projects in the sphere of small and medim-sized business. The main purpose of the signed agreement is to assist the establishment of contractual relations between the three organisations, the exchange of experience and information about their functioning and interrelation with the state and municipal administration in the respective countries. Lorini Benedeto, representative of the Chamber of Commerce in the autonomous Italian province of Trento, announced for the BANKER weekly that Bulgarian firms had been the most active among all foreign business partners with which he had held meetings so far. We feel the need to open our production system to foreign markets and we believe Bulgaria is the perfect opportunity for us to establish good business relations. I remain with the impression that your country is ready for beneficial cooperation. Bulgaria is close to Italy not on geographically. You are hospitable to the Italians and you attract our interest by some good characteristics. We value good quality partnerships and we highly estimate mutual trust. Yesterday we met with representatives of 25 Bulgarian enterprises and I am certain the contract for our first investment will be signed soon. I hope for a long-lasting and very good cooperation.The meeting between the companies was attended by enterprises of almost all industries - lumbering and wood-processing, production and trade in agricultural goods and fruit cans, tourism, restaurant-keeping, security services, ecology, mechanics, metallurgy, firms for training of personnel, professional consultants and insurers.

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