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Most of the firms, selling silver articles on the domestic market, import machine-made chains and bracelets from Italy, traders claim. They bear the importer's own stamp and a state hallmark for the material, which is a guarantee to the buyers. The other operations for finishing the jewels are carried out in Bulgaria. According to representatives of the Tokash company, it is no use importing ready articles, as the quality of processing silver by Bulgarian jewellers is good, and the price of the end-product is lower. All serious local companies from the branch are already in pace with the quickly changing world trends in fashion jewelry and apply them in production. Currently, most of their articles are sold on the domestic market, but some new jewels, created by Bulgarian designers are already exported. EU countries are our biggest partner, Ivan Nichev from the Ilza Silver firm claims. Silver jewelry from Tukey, Taiwan and Egypt is also imported into Bulgaria. These are mainly very cheap products, with no great variety of models and styles. Poland is the top importer of silver and silver srticles among the European countries. In 2002 two shops for sale for silver from Poland were opened in Sofia and varna. The doemstic market of silver jewelry is presently developing better that the market of gold jewels. The higher consumer demand is due to the more affordable prices and the great variety of articles.

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