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Representatives of the Bulgarian Atomic Forum (BULATOM) asked for clear definition of the goals of the expected partnership inspection at Kozlodoui Nuclear Plant. According to the experts of the organization the General Position of EU on Chapter Energetics from November 18 reads that the inspection will not revise Bulgaria's engagement to close Blocks 3 and 4, but will control the execution of these engagements.The definition partnership inspection was created in the system of the International Organization of the Nuclear Operators aiming to increase the safety of the examined reactors. Yet I'm afraid that this inspection is only named like that, without any real aim either to increase safety, or to prove the present level of safety, said Kuzma Kuzmanov, Member of the Management Board fo BULATOM and long-term manager of the N-Plant, to journalists.According to him, after the reactors are closed, there will be no crisis, because we will be connected to the European energy system. However, he pointed out that then the price of household electricity will probably jump at least three times, as we will have to pay market prices.

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