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Five applications for participation in tenders for three licences for UMTS mobile cell networks were filed to the Commission for Regulation of Telecommunications (CRT) by the deadline, 17.00 hrs., Thursday (March 17). But the candidates are only the three GSM operators, the regulatory body announced. MobilTel and the Bulgarian Telecommunications Company (BTC) will bid for the single higher class licence in NDK on March 30. The initial price of the licence, for which a severe contest is expected, has been set at BGN70MN, and bids can be raised by BGN70MN each time. The two phone operators apply also for the two smaller UMTS class licences. Documents for participation in that tender have been submitted as well by Cosmo Bulgaria Mobile EAD (with the GloBul trademark). The second bidding, invited for April 5, will hardly take place because there will be only two participants - the one that dropped from the former tender competition and GloBul. All other potential candidates for a UMTS, who had purchased tender dossiers on February 28, gave up the competition. These are Turksel Communication Services, Clubferbant - ITA, First Place International Resources, the Kambourov Partners lawyers' office, and AII Data Processing. The three candidates to bid in the final had deposited the required BGN2MN for each participation, CRT specified. The regulatory body specified as well the requirements to the future holder of a UMTS licence. They should have experience in telecom operations, more than 500,000 consumers, and an annual turnover of EUR50MN-plus from these operations since 2003. It is obvious that the three GSM operators who filed documents for participation in the tenders, satisfy these requirements.

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