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The Commission for Regulation of Telecommunications (CRT) has approved the new prices of telephone conversations over the fixed network of the Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC), proposed by the telecom in January. CRT established that the proposed changes comply with the regulations for setting the prices of telephone services and with the Telecommunications Act the regulatory body motivated its decision. BTC's new price policy, to enter into effect as of April 1, projects a 21.1% hike of city calls for all categories of clients. The prices of intercity and international conversations, however, will be cut down by 19% and 14% respectively. The average change of prices of telephone services (included in the consumer's basket) will go up by 6.35%, while the admissible leap is 8.56%, which is the rate of change of inflation and the gross domestic product in Bulgaria for the May 2004 - February 2005 period, the CRT explained.

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