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The Bulgarian Telecommunication Company (BTC) is going to appeal against the July 17 decision of the Supreme Administrative Court to stop the preliminary implementation of the third GSM operator licence, the company announced on July 21. The appeal will be presented in court in the coming days, BTC officials added. We are convinced that there are legal reasons for our appeal, BTC legal director Richard Clegg said. The licence was stopped because of appeals by the Supreme Administrative Prosecutors' Office, the second mobile operator, Globul, and the totally unknown American Tafetta Limited company. The magistrates motivated their decision with the proceedings initiated in the Commission on Protection of Competition which had to find out whether issuing the GSM licence with no tender, at 75% reduction of the initial licence fee, represents state assistance and, if so, whether it is permitted.The final decision on starting the construction of the third GSM operator network will depend on the end of the cases in the Supreme Administrative Court as well as on the decision of the Commission on Protection of Competition, BTC officials explained. They added that the fast overcoming of the legal obstacles in front of the third GSM operator will be decisive for improvement of the quality and for reduction of the prices of the mobile services.The case initiated in the Supreme Administrative Court will be reviewed by a three-member commission on September 27.

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