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The Bulgarian National Television (BNT) and the National Film Centre are going to sign an agreement to share the obligation to finance the production of Bulgarian feature and documentary films, the head of the film-making section in the state-owned television, Nikolay Nikolov, said. According to the agreement, in 2005 the BNT will support mainly documentary titles, while the Film Centre will direct most of its budget (some BGN3.9MN) to the production of feature films. Mr. Nikolov also explained that nearly BGN210,000 of the five million levs that BNT is obliged by the law to provide for new Bulgarian film projects will remain for feature films. The agreement between the television and the centre will also stipulate a budget that will guarantee the authors participating in international competitions that their productions will be transmitted on films and not on cheaper video tapes.The producers associations approved the signing of the agreement but declared themselves against a condition that assistance from the national television should be provided in case the film makers use BNT's equipment. This means that BNT evades the Radio and Television Act which obliges it to allocate 10% of its budget to new Bulgarian titles, commented the producer Vladimir Nikolov. In practice, BNT gives less money because it uses different schemes to force us pay back part of it. The TV managers also violate the competition principle that allows film authors to decide where to shoot their projects.Two sessions in which new film projects will be approved will be held next year, the Chairman of the National Film Centre professor Alexander Grozev said. Sixteen productions - six feature films, seven documentary and scientific titles and three cartoon films, were finished in 2004, he added. The Silver Wolf prize awarded to a film by the debuting director Andrei Paunov at the 17th Amsterdam international documentary festival was the greatest achievement of the Bulgarian cinematography in the current year.

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