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For two days in the middle of May Bulgaria will be present in the financial news of foreign mass media. Their attention will be certainly drawn by the second conference of central banks in the Balkans, scheduled to take place in the Sheraton Sofia Hotel on May 17 and 18.The event will be held a fortnight before the official celebration of BNB's 125th anniversary on June 4. The forum is expected to be attended by the heads of the central banks of Greece, Slovenia, Romania, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Turkey, Montenegro, and Macedonia. Each of the governors will acquaint his colleagues with the major problems to be solved by the respective central bank, presented at the meeting. One of the most heated debates will be probably on the challenges that the New Basel Capital Accord II will set in front of financial markets in the Balkan countries. The governors will be able to hold discussions on the issue with representatives of the Bank for International Settlement in Basel and with executives of EU members' central banks, such as Greece and Slovenia. The agenda for the meeting projects discussions on the microeconomic challenges to the Balkan countries. The conference will be attended also by Ms. Piritta Sorsa, former IMF resident representative for Bulgaria, who will take part in the discussion titled: Currency boards and production growth, at which a lecture will be delivered by Prof. Alfredo Canavese from the University of Buenos Aires, who will analyse the reasons for the failure of the currency board arrangement in Argentina a few years ago.

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