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The Ministry of Environment and Waters is going to launch over BGN43MN for implementation of 160 projects related to the preservation of the environment. The bulk of the amount, BGN10MN, will go for repair of the national sewerage network. BGN2MN has been earmarked for separate collection of scrap. Three waste dumps for hard junk will be built thanks to BGN2MN, allocated by the ministry. Nearly BGN1.5MN will be also extended for the development of ecological tourism in Bulgaria. The decisions were made by the Management Board of the company, managing the preservation of the environment with the Ministry of Environment and Waters.On July 14, Minister Dolores Arsenova turned the first sod of a waste dump for hard junk that will be built in the town of Zlatitsa. The project is worth BGN1,800,000 and is part of the National Waste Management Program. The facility will be constructed in three cells in which 138,570 cubic metres of daily waste will be stored. It will be located on 66 dka and will operate for 14 years. The site will serve three towns - Zlatitsa, Pirdop, and Tchelopech.The hard daily waste of the three towns are currently being stored in the 1985 dung-hill situated on 9 dka near Pirdop. It has already run out of capacity and will therefore be closed, the ministry informed.

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