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The Employment Agency spent more than BGN147MN on the implementation of various programmes aimed at reducing unemployment rate in 2003, the Agency's annual report shows. The information was discussed by the Consultative Council of the Agency's Executive Director on June 16. More than 128,000 jobless people were involved in the programmes and over 30,000 took part in the measures aimed at stimulating employment and training. The biggest amounts of money - BGN34.5MN -were spent in Montana since the unemployment rate there is the highest one in the country.More than 163,000 vacant jobs were announced by the employment offices in the course of last year. Most of them were for unqualified personnel and were declared by private entrepreneurs. More than 110,000 jobless found work thanks to employment agents, and 107,000 relied on receiving financial assistance from the employment offices. The Employment Agency fulfilled about 2,000 orders of employers searching for personnel and held over 13,000 individual psychological consultations with jobless people.According to the figures in the report, last year the Agency mediated in the appointment of 362 Bulgarian citizens in hotels and restaurants in Germany in accordance with an agreement signed with the federal Government. 169 nurses and 284 Bulgarians with various professions were assisted in finding a job in Germany, too. 1,424 Bulgarian workers signed seasonal employment contracts in the leisure industry branch under an agreement between the Bulgarian Employment Agency and the German Federal Labour Service. 172 Bulgarian university students worked in Germany last summer, and 75 secondary school students from Sofia were on summer practice there.With assistance from the Employment Agency, 205 Bulgarians were employed in Spain with one-year employment contracts and 519 went there as seasonal workers in the agricultural sector. 23 nurses were appointed in Swiss social houses and another 46 got labour permits. An American company has asked the Agency to assist in sending Bulgarian experts to help for the post-war recovery of Iraq. Nine Bulgarian citizens were proposed for the job.723 foreigners requested permission to work in Bulgaria from the Employment Agency. Only 587 of them were approved.

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