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Credits, extended within a year by Commercial Bank Bulgaria AD - Europe branch, for the purchase of new and second-hand transport equipment at leasing terms exceeded EUR800,000, the Manager Ivailo Bachvarov announced. A leasing scheme has been developed jointly with BBL-Impex OOD, under which those who are interested in the purchase of such equipment could get a loan of up to EUR20,000 and pick up a truck, bus, or road-construction equipment, repaying the money within three or four years. The amount of a single credit will be increased to EUR50,000 within a few months, bank insiders explained.Leasing is still a new a comparatively unknown practice to the entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, but in the economically developed countries with high living standards it has long ago become the chief means for buying property. Among the numerous positive sides of the leasing is one that is especially important for our country - the firms come out of the grey economy in order to prove that they could get a credit for their purchases. BBL-Impex confirmed that when presenting the necessary information about the company which applies for a leasing they draft pay-free a business plan and recommend the most appropriate term for repayment of the credit. A possibility for repurchase of the vehicle is offered if the client wants to exchange it for a new one or sell it.

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