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A seminar dedicated to the banks and the media will be held within the tenth International Media Events festival starting in the Albena resort next week. The discussions will be centred upon INTERNET banking and electronic payments. The financial information site www.investor.bg is going to make presentation there, too.The jubilee tenth edition of the festival will be dominated by the virtual space and the methods for using it as a business environment. The presentations will begin with a lecture titled Mobile and Internet Technologies in Marketing. Special attention will be paid to the efficiency of advertising campaigns in the web and the possibilities for communication with the consumers.Among the curious forums in the 2004 International Media Events there will be presentation of the programme of the Executive Agency for National Tourism Advertising, as well as information about the national tourism advertising until 2006. The presentation will be carried out by the Executive Director of the agency, Ivailo Gyurov.After being presided by Georgi Kouzmov for many years, for the first time now the festival will have a foreign president - the French director Patrick Sandrin. According to insiders, by attracting the French the organizers have tried to clear up arising doubts that the forum is serving the interests of media and agencies close to the advertising boss Krassimir Gergov. Nevertheless, on Tuesday, May 25, the owner of Darik Radio, Radosvet Radev, announced that he would once again forbid the media to take part in the competition. On the other hand, Nova Television will be the media sponsor of the festival for the first time since it has been established.Eight festivals will be held within the forum in Albena. There will be participants from ten countries. The whole programme of the competition will include 95 titles. Twenty ethnic media will compete in the ethnic tolerance category for the Television World Foundation awards. A national exhibition of print media will be opened for the first time and will be dedicated to the same problem. Sixty programmes of radio stations throughout Bulgaria are expected to take part in the Silver Wave radio festival.

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