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Banks will have a right to ease some of their customers of the obligation to declare the origin of their resources. This is stipulated by new amendments to the Regulation for Application of the Act on Measures against Money Laundering, approved by the Government on July 31. However, the more liberal regime will only be applied in cases when the transactions allow for tracing the origin of the resources used. The regime is also valid, when the operating credit institution has access to information that proves the money of the customer is clear.According to the amendments to the regulation, in case of a transaction exceeding BGN30,000 banks will not ask their customers to fill in second copies of origin declarations if they have filled one in a previous transaction. Filling in the forms will not be required, if the bank knows the customer well, if it is a long-time partner of the institution, or if he has references from another bank.According to the amendments, though, if the bank officer feels doubt about the money of a customer he is serving, he must ask him to fill in the declaration. This is also valid for cases, when there are major changes in the circumstances defining the financial status of customers eased of the declaration duty. There is another important amendment to the regulation - banks are obliged to inform the Financial Investigation Agency every time they allow a transaction and do not require a declaration for the resources.

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