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Plamen Petrov, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, to the BANKER weeklyMr. Petrov, do the trustees in bankruptcy of Balkan Airlines have grounds to claim from you USD1.7MN?- Such a claim is absolutely groundless. Their allegations are ridiculous.One way or the other, this will additionally complicate the relations between the Ministry of Transport and Balkan's trustees in bankruptcy ...- There have been difficilties since quite a long time. But anyone has the right to sue whoever he wants to. So, everything will be settled in court.There will be a lawsuit. Is that so?- Well, as a claim has been initiated against me, this is quite normal.The problem after all is that the quarrels might cause additional reflux of passengers from Balkan Airlines.- I cannot imagine that anyone of sound judgement would book a flight for November. The more so that there is a date after which it is not known if the airline will be still existing. Does that mean that the company will be wound down at its general meeting on October 26?- I have already stated explicitely that no final decision has been made yet. In its present condition Balkan is neither operative, nor its management is any good. Therefore, the matters are still to be settled.

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