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The Finance Ministry should collect from the Information Services state-owned company the remitted in advance amounts of money for previous years, experts of the Audit Office have recommended in their report on the institution's audit for the January-September 2004 period. Since the contracts between the Finance Ministry and the company are confidential, it cannot be specified how much Information Services owns. On the recommendation of the Audit Office, by end-April 2004 the unused money was reduced to 40%, and by end-September - to 84 per cent. From the report of the Audit Office it is clear that a significant part of the payments under the contract between the Finance Ministry and Information Services AD for 2004 were made at prices, proposed by the executor, which also specified the number of people for maintenance and services, without pointing out labour and inputs, invested in the maintenance of part of the equipment. In its report the auditing institution says there are difficulties with the current control of expenses for food in the training and qualification centre Gyulechitsa. The Finance Ministry also had problems in collecting the rents for two of the total 18 leased facilities.

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