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While the head of the Ministry of Internal Affaires (MIA) is playing a policemen and thieves game and presumes he bears no responsibility to anyone for the conduct of his ministry, the new type businessmen continued the fight between themselves. Kiril Kirov, known by his nickname Kiro the Japanese, was the most recent target, who hardly escaped the lethal end.The action took place on Thursday (June 12) around 10.40 a.m. on the corner of Dobrotich street and Gornobanksi Road boulevard in Sofia. The Japanese was driving his Mercedes when a motorcyclist overtook him and shooted five times to kill him. However, the man was hit only once. He was wounded in the shoulder and managed to reach the Military Hospital by himself to get emdical assistance. As it could be expected, the MIA met the news in cold blood and professional reserve. Till 14.30 hrs. on the same day the Japanese was not questioned because nobody could find him. However, his wife was questioned, who hurried to the scene of the shooting as soon as she heard about what happened. The initial inspection lasted only about half an hour.What happened on Thursday afternoon passes belief.According to informed sources which demanded to stay anonymous, the MIA had already succeeded to format several main stories. The business spheres where Kiro the Japanese was active over the last seven or eight years were localized as well: drug trafficing, thefts of cars, real estate frauds, import of gas, etc. According to the sources of information, the most probable reason for the unsuccessful attempt at the life of Kiro the Japanese is the redistribution of the drug market in Bulgaria. But the sad truth is quite different.One of the possibilities is that the MIA has no idea at all for what reasons some 60-70 orders for killing (many of them successful) have been fulfilled since August 2002. The other possibility is that the Internal Ministry knows what's happening, but lies low due to a single reason - the force which pulls the strings of the underground business and gives one-may tickets controls the ministry itself (at that from its top officials to the periphery). Although such speculations are dismal, they are well grounded in real life, especially in the efficiency of MIA's work on the killing orders. Since August 8, 2002 (when Roumen Nikolov, nicknamed the Russian, was shot in Veliko Tirnovo) till last Thursday when Kiro the Japanese hardly escaped death, only three or four killers have been found.It is hardly worthwhile to go back to the bloody list, because there won't be sufficient space on our pages and nobody will be willing to recall some rusty details. We'll only note that for all unrevealed ordered killings or attempted homicides over the last decade (their number is certainly more than 500) only the MIA is to blame. And it should pay for that one day. The normal brain cannot understand how it is possible that 25,000 policemen could not find a killer and convict him.

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