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Bulgarian Association for Development of Telecommunications (BADT) has been set up by four companies in the branch: Spectrum Net, Royce Net, Elana Holding and Novel Consult. Providers of coice services through INTERNET and other representatives of the telecommunications sector have already expresses willingness to participate in the association. According to Neno Shoumkov, Chairman of BADT Management Board, the organisation will be seeking dialogue with the institutions, setting the rules in the branch, in order to assist its development and the launching of new services. The reason for establishing the association is the lack of a local organisation, dealing with telecommunications specificly. The Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) has undertaken this function, but it includes more companies from other sectors and does not focus on the development of telecommunications, Teodor Zahov, Executive Director of Spectrum Net and memeber of BADT Management Board pointed out.

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