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For two weeks artists from five countries changed their identity as each of them took the place of the other one in her studio, home, town, country, world. The artistic result of this reincarnation was presented at ATA Centre - a gallery for modern art, famous for its non-standard ideas.Change of places is a long-term project, launched in 2000 with the assistance of the Swiss foundation Pro Helvecia on the initiative of the March 8 group, uniting women artists. The idea comes from the artist's wish to glance through somebody else's eyes, to project her artistic attitude in accordance with the unknown political, economic and social medium. The artists believe this is the only way to understand to what extent processes in art are influenced by these conditions.The Bulgarian participants in the project are: Adelina Popnedeleva, Alla Georgieva, Dimitrina Sevova, Nadezhda Oleg Lyahova, and Tanya Abadjieva. Sabina Bauman, Suzana Perin and Christina Justina are Swiss representatives, Ana Stoikovich is from Macedonia, Katarina Matiazek - from Austria, and Marilena Preda Sunk - from Romania. The artists got to know each other and chose the new home for each of them after communicating through Internet. The next step includes travels, work, and keeping a diary. The ladies are supposed to descibe their impressions from the stay at the new places. The diaries will come out on CD ROM, but it is already known they are full of funny happenings.The last stage is the event in ATA Centre: with installations, video-shows, and live exhibitions. Concurrently, a forum of discussions will be held with the participation of colleagues, critics, and audience. The issues to be discussed are: vanguard trends in art, globalization, and new technologies in the contemporary fine arts. The gallery has invited lecturers as well - Anett Schindler and Ursula Biman from Switzerland, Neboisha Vilic from Macedoni, and the Bulgarian Maria Vassileva. The forum will enable the artists to present themselves their works and share their impressions of the project.

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