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The 35.78% package of the capital of Arsenal AD - Kazanluk will be offered for sale at the eleventh centralized public tender, to be held on the stock exchange. The package represents a blocking quota without which no important decisions can be made, such as amendments and supplements to the company's articles of association or increase and reduction of its capital. The initial price of this share, to be sold out as a whole, has been set at BGN54.89MN, payable in compensation instruments or investment bonds as well. In addition to Arsenal's state-owned package, shares in another 90 companies will be offered at the eleventh centralized public tender. Twenty one of them can be privatized against non-cash instruments of payment, 67 - against cash, and combined payment has been projected for two of the companies.Among the more interesting packages that will be put up for sale on the stock exchange are: 100% of the capital of Toplofikatsiya - Lovech, 35.61% of Balkancar - ZP T.Petrov AD, 30.89% of Balkancar - ZPDEA G. Kostov AD, and 36% of Balkancar - Iskar AD.The eleventh centralized public tender will start on the sixth working day of the week upon publishing the tender announcement in the Official Gazette and will end 14 days later. Bids 50% lower than the set minimum selling prices will be accepted after the sixth day.

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