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The two Bulgarian resque teams who searched for wreckage of the sunk Hera ship have been insured by Armeets insurance company, Armeets officers told the BANKER weekly.The first group of 22 mountain rescuers and divers left for the place of the accident on February 21 and came back on March 1. The second group of 20 people, including four divers and four mountain rescuers, left on March 2 and is expected to return on March 8. The first team has been insured for a ten-day period and the second - for a seven-day one.Each rescuer's insurance amounts to USD30,000 and covers risks from Medical Expenses Abroad, caused by accident or emergency, and Repatriation. As it is known, the ship sank near the Bosporus on the fatal Friday, February 13, and life-saving groups are still looking for pieces of it. The vessel has been insured by Allianz Bulgaria general insurer, whereas the Accident group insurance of the 19-member crew has been made by Allianz Bulgaria Life.In 2004, Armeets insurance company has insured the whole administration and all saving teams of the Civil Defence Directorate with Accident group insurance. This policy includes death and permanent or temporary working disability on the territory of Bulgaria. In case of risky operations abroad, the saving teams of the Civil Defence are insured against Medical Expenses Abroad and Repatriation.

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