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The Privatisation Agency (PA) sold the entire state-owned stakes in 55 companies offered on the eighth centralized public tender on the stock exchange. Ninety four companies, most of which familiar to the investors, were offered on the tender and sold without a minimum tender price. The negotiated payments amount to 22,218 non-cash means of payment and BGN741,543. It is to be noted that few compensatory instruments and investment vouchers were used in that privatisation. The reason is that only 23 of the offered companies were traded for them.The centralized public tender was held between 6 and 20 October. Traditionally, the greatest interest was registered during the first days following the supply of state-owned shares. On the very first day, state-owned stakes of 35 companies were sold. One of the two majority stakes offered on the tender was sold then, too. A hundred per cent of the capital of Pomoriiski Solnitsi EAD was privatized in return to BGN342,000. The whole capital of Impulse information editorial centre was sold for BGN7,515 on October 19, too. A 33.11% stake of the capital of Balkancar - Star was also sold for BGN178,000.The sixth distant tender on the stock exchange will continue until October 25. The state-owned stakes in 30 limited-liability companies have been offered since October 11. On the very first day, the PA managed to sell stakes offered in 22 enterprises. In return, the state is going to receive 194,097 non-cash means of payment as well as BGN1,493,833.

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