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The unproclaimed but fierce war between competitors on the market of mobile telecommunication brought to the media advertisements worth BGL23,821,983 in 2001. This amount was distributed between the budgets of the first and the second telephone mobile operators MTel and GloBul and their analogue competitor Mobikom, the agency for market and social research Marketing. Media. Analyses. established. The research includes the January 1 - mid-December 2001 period and is based on the monotoring of six of the mostly watched TV channels (bTV, Bulgarian National TV, New Television, 7 Days, MSAT, and Eurocom), and on 64 newpapers and magazines. The data do not take into account the tariff discounts, granted by the media, or the fees paid to the mediating advertising agencies.During the first year of its operation the advertising budget of GloBul is more than BGL2MN behind that of its major competitor MTel, the research shows. However, it should be pointed out that after July 17, 2001 when the mobile network of the Greek telecom operator OTE's was commissioned, its ads market stirred up. GloBul has spent a total of BGL10,766,828 on advertising, while MTel's expenses for ads amounted to BGL13,055,155. GloBul pledged on large-scale advertising on TV, paying BGL6,096,637 for the purpose to the six above-mentioned TV channels. The first mobile operator has spent less on that kind of advertisements, paying BGL4,657,978. However, MTel is the undisputable leader in advertising in the press. It has spent BGL8,397,177 for such ads against GloBul's costs of BGL4,670,191. By 26 products and services MTel also tops the list according to the number of its advertising campaigns in the newpapers, against half that number of GloBul.The two companies are also the biggest advertisers in the press for 2001. The computer giant Compaq is third on the list by the more modest BGL1,374,827. In 2001 againt the top advertiser was counting mostly on TV commercials, wher the industrial giant Procter Gamble invested BGL22,697,509.

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