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Budgets for advertising of Bulgarian banks increased almost twice during 2001, a survey of the agency for market and social research Marketing. Media. Analyses, showed. The agency found that from January 1 till mid-December, 2001, bank institutions spent BGL3,967,984 on TV commercials and ads in the press, up from BGL2,049,013 in 2000. These data were based on monitoring four TV channels with the widest audience (Channel 1, bTV, New Television, and 7 Days), two programmes (Eurocom and MSAT) broadcased on cable TV, and 64 newpapers and magazines.The agency established that the TV advertising market swallowed a total of BGL139,593,582 in 2001, up from BGL90,818,980 in 2000. The increase of revenues from ads in the newpaper industry is impressive, too. It received BGL51,367,885 from ads last year, while businesses invested BGL64,340,859 in newspaper ads from January 1 till mid-December, 2001.The share of banks, which have set aside more money to present their products and services to the broad public, has increased as well. In 2001 they held 1.17% of the TV ads market, up from 0.71% in 2000. Credit institutions are even more active in advertising in papers and magazines with 3.64% of the aggregate volume in 2001, up from 2.74% last year. The advertising campaigns for credit and debit cards made a real boom in 2001. This bank service, which is gaining speed in Bulgaria, generated ads worth BGL301,720 in 2000 and went up almost 3-fold, reaching BGL886,364 this year. BGL1,780 was set aside for the advertising campaign in the press in 2000, and BGL383 340 was spent this year, which means that the increase is 215-fold.The most widely advertised bank service on TV is the Western Union express settlement system. By mid-December the commercial was broadcasted 365 times, and TV time worth almost BGL 513,000 was purchased for it. The services of First Investment Bank (FIB) follow on the list of the most widely advertised financial products. FIB spent a total of BGL510,000 on TV ads. BGL360,000 of that amount was invested in the ads campaign for the bank's debit cards. The commercial was broadcasted 131 times by various TV programmes. The credit institution spent another BGL150,000 on its popularization as well.A system for express settlement was the most actively advertised product in dailies and weeklies as well. EIBANK and DSK Bank invested in presenting Western Union's alternative - the Money Gram system. EIBANK spent BGL205,000 on that, and DSK Bank added almost BGL41,000. EIBANK tops the list of aggregate budget, spent on ads in the press - almost BGL479,000. ROSEXIMBANK is next on the list by BGL392,000. The greatest variety of bank services, advertised in newspapers and magazines, however, belongs to United Bulgarain Bank (UBB). In addition to its overall presentation, UBB has also worked out a campaign for the promotion of eight of its products - euro deposits, computer banking, mobile banking, credit and debit cards, e-banking, telephone banking, and mortgage crediting. EUROBANK is second on the list (with ads about seven products) according to this indicator.

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