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The Association of Bulgarian Insurers (ABI) reported in its website the conclusive gross premium proceeds of insurance companies for 2002. There are some changes from the ABI's inconclusive data, published in Issue 9 of the BANKER weekly. The total premium proceeds of the insurance company Jupiter amounted to BGN24,098,000, i.e. down some BGN700,000 than initially announced. Thus, the rating of insurers has changed as Jupiter goes doen from the 6th to 7th place in the ranking, changing positions with the insurance company Energy (part of Allianz Bulgaria Holding). Energy's proceeds are slightly up - BGN24,246,000 than the initially reported BGN24,200,000.The gross premium proceeds of DZI-General Insurance totalled BGN67,423,000, and those of DZI EAD amounted to BGN47,360,000.There are no surprises in the ranking of life insurance companies. Only the third one on the list - Orel-Life reported lower premium proceeds than initially announced - BGN16,400,000 as compared to BGN16,489,000. Allianz Bulgaria Life reported proceeds of BGN11,054,000, up from the initially announced BGN11MN.

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